I paint beautiful things, and sometimes I put a baby in a grape.  


I enjoy capturing a simple moment which isn't just beautiful, but acknowledges the fragility of life itself, and our lack of control over it.  Hidden gems may be discovered in unexpected places, creating metaphors that juxtapose the near, natural world with universal themes of human experience.  For example, I once placed a fetus inside of a grape to illustrate the uncertainty surrounding pregnancy.

Well-developed layers of fore and middle ground fall into an eternal background of infinite possibilities.  

This technique serves as a reminder that joy, hope, and sorrow can exist simultaneously, as can community and loneliness, intermingling to inform our life experiences.  My wish is that you view my images and feel encouraged to explore further your own ideas for growth and contentment.  

My formative years were spent in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and I have enjoyed the varied experience of living in Toronto, London, Calgary, Ottawa, and Niagara.  Growing up in a northern community nestled betwen two Great Lakes has contributed to what has proved to be an ever-developing perspective on nature and ecological responsibilties.  Water, either liquid or solid, has provided a constant source of comfort, rejuvenation and inspiration.  My art draws on an affection for nature and people, and from interactions with the complexity of life surrounding me.

Thank you for taking time today to view the world through my eyes. 

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